If you don’t like where you are, then move. You aren’t a tree.



I saw a quote written in grafitti on a building as I commuted to work one morning. It seemed to resonate with me although I’ve likely looked at it before but perhaps I had never really paid it much attention. I wondered as I walked from the train station to my office building if seeing it on that particular morning was some divine source poking me on the shoulder with yet another reminder that where I am in life really is my choice and not just forces of nature working against what I think I really want. That was the key; what I think I want as opposed to what I know I want.

This week I am on what I believe is a much-needed break. I searched for what I thought was a dream vacation to somewhere with a beach, warm weather and someone to cook my meals, clean my room and serve me drinks, but ended up deciding on was 9 days with my parents at their vacation home in Arizona. For a moment I admit I felt remorse as I booked the flight because what ran through my head was ‘I guess it will do’.

As I sit on the patio with a coffee in my hand looking at the pool I remind myself I am truly fortunate. It is easy to forget the stresses of work I endured late last year. It is easy to forget I have an amazing home in the Canadian Rockies and not think about what needs to be done to keep it as fabulous as I’ve become accustomed. It is easy to forget many people never have the opportunity to escape every day life to a few days of true relaxation with not a worry in sight. It is too easy to forget I am lucky enough to not be a tree and can move whenever I need.

I am not a tree. If I don’t like where I am, I simply stand up and walk away. But sometimes I need to be a tree and just stay put to remind myself things aren’t so bad where I’m rooted.



Arizona Dreaming

IMG_0011It has been quite a while since I posted anything significant. It isn’t that I haven’t been writing as I have more drafts than I care to mention, plus keeping up with my other blog on a daily basis is tougher than I thought! I’ve been quite a busy gal with work, A’s dance, school ending, outdoor renovations and general summer chaos. I’m finally on vacation and my Muse has been screaming in my head for days. It has taken me some time to catch up on sleep and simply slow down enough to not watch the clock to make sure I’m not just wasting my days. Finally, I’m just sitting out by the pool loving that it is 8:30pm and still 37 degrees celsius. I’ve grabbed a beverage, my laptop and a comfy chair so I can just enjoy the evening and write. I have a new project I’m excited to share, old drafts I’m finally ready to publish, and adventures I want to experience again through writing them down. I am just hoping I don’t get too distracted yet somehow I doubt my Muse will allow that to happen. 😉