Too long


It has been far too long. I can make up excuses like I’m busy, tired, have nothing to say, but the truth is I have just neglected writing.

As I find myself 33,000 feet somewhere over the continental US I decide it is time to flip open my laptop and feel the keys beneath my fingertips.

I don’t have much on my mind worth putting in black and white but seeing abstract characters fill an otherwise white page is somehow relaxing.

Should I ramble on about daily life? daily stresses? daily happiness? Should I post about favourite things? things that inspire me? pet peeves?

Should I just be happy to have written something at all.

It has been far too long.



Arizona Dreaming

IMG_0011It has been quite a while since I posted anything significant. It isn’t that I haven’t been writing as I have more drafts than I care to mention, plus keeping up with my other blog on a daily basis is tougher than I thought! I’ve been quite a busy gal with work, A’s dance, school ending, outdoor renovations and general summer chaos. I’m finally on vacation and my Muse has been screaming in my head for days. It has taken me some time to catch up on sleep and simply slow down enough to not watch the clock to make sure I’m not just wasting my days. Finally, I’m just sitting out by the pool loving that it is 8:30pm and still 37 degrees celsius. I’ve grabbed a beverage, my laptop and a comfy chair so I can just enjoy the evening and write. I have a new project I’m excited to share, old drafts I’m finally ready to publish, and adventures I want to experience again through writing them down. I am just hoping I don’t get too distracted yet somehow I doubt my Muse will allow that to happen. 😉

Procrastinating my Eclectic Distractions

I have taken some time away from my laptop to consider what the future of my blog should look like. A few readers have commented that it is “unfocused” or “random”; others have advised to just follow my Muse. I have browsed many MANY other blogs in search of something that I have finally realized is right here. I am not scatter-brained, or “all over the place”; I am just eclectic in my writing styles and topics. I am not focused on one specific subject matter, but rather focused on just writing. I sat down with my blog, looked at all my past posts, my drafts yet to be published, categories and tags, and even the theme I have chosen. My conclusion is this just feels right. I have always said I write for myself and yes, in hopes others will read it and this blog just needs to be a place to simply write whatever makes my Muse happy in that moment.

There are small changes to the blog. I have added new categories (rather than creating new, more “focused” blogs separate from this one) which will be introduced as I add them. I am enjoying “The Starbucks Experiment” so it remains. I have dusted off my Wreck This Journal so I will be sharing those disasters creative moments as well. I have added “Mundane Musings” which are simply my ramblings about what I’m doing when I should be doing something else. “Past Life Writings” is where I will share things I wrote before I began this blog as I happen upon journals and scribbles every so often that I’m compelled to post. I also have something new in the works that I hope to share very soon. I will be updating my blogroll regularly (if you would like to appear here, please feel free to drop a comment and I will add a link) as I love stalking reading other’s blogs and I have found some of the most amazing blogs via other’s blogroll. I consider it to be like  cyber-networking! 😉 My blog is always evolving and changing, but I think that’s part of the charm.

Onward and forward as my Muse and I just write, hoping you’ll enjoy the ride as well. Perhaps my blog might be better named “Eclectic Distractions”… hmmm….