201? – A year to Review or Preview?


I have been on a staycation for almost a week and today I finally seized the opportunity to get up early (thanks to a hungry dog who went back to sleep after his breakfast 😏) and not return back to my cozy bed. The house is quiet, the coffee hot and my computer warm with tales of expectations for the New Year and reflections for 2014. As I read posts and blogs, I wondered if I should reflect on my past year or focus on the future? Should I put into black and white what I felt I accomplished (or didn’t) in 2014 or move forward and set goals and expectations for 2015?

Most social media sites contain a “look back” at 2014. Facebook and Tumblr offer a “year in review”, WordPress emailed me “Your 2014 in blogging”, music apps have added the most played songs of the year and news sites have started reviewing the top stories of 2014. The end of December seems to be preoccupied with where we have been for the past 11+ months. What about where we want to be in 2015? Is it simply easier to sum up what has already happened rather than consider what direction we want to head in 2015 for fear it may not happen?

The past is a certainty that cannot be changed but the future is uncertain, unpredictable and scary. If we put our goals in writing or even say them out loud and they aren’t met we seem to be afraid to admit things just didn’t turn out the way we expected. Maybe we need to reflect first to understand how to shape our futures. Our past determines who we want to be in the future. We learn from our mistakes, grow more confident with achievements and successes and understand what does or doesn’t benefit growth in a positive direction. So maybe we cannot set goals for the future without reflecting on the past.

For today I am just going to enjoy my day and live in the moment. I hope you had a year to remember and enter into another  full of accomplishments, new experiences and even some moments where you shake your head and wonder why.



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