The 30 Day Yoga Challenge


I opened my email this morning to see the monthly newsletter from the yoga studio I frequent. The feature this month is a 30 day challenge. As per usual, I read through the email and thought to myself how I really should at least consider it, then promptly opened my Facebook page. The most recent story on my feed is the yoga studio post regarding the upcoming 30 day challenge. It is easy enough to just keep scrolling through my feed and see what my friends are up to so again, it was a very brief thought of how I should consider the challenge. Over to Twitter I clicked and sure enough, there it was again. Should I take this as the universe screaming at me to do more than just consider a 30 day yoga challenge? Or is it just me realizing I have been looking for something to help guide me back to listening to what my body needs.

I have been home sick for the better part of 2 weeks and what I need to remember is that I don’t get sick often, but when I do, I go down hard. I never seem to make it simple. This time around after a visit to the emergency room and several follow-up appointments with my doctor it was determined I have a virus. A stubborn, “let it run its course” virus. ((sigh.)) This was the wake up call I think I needed to tell me to smarten up and listen.

I joined a gym almost 2 years ago and train regularly, I have run two half marathons, two 10K races as well as practice yoga on a not-so-regular basis. I don’t eat as well as I should (although being sick has made me shift my eating habits as I’m sure this virus loves my choice in salty snacks 😉 ) but I do hydrate well. I follow too many fitness blogs, Instagram accounts and Twitter feeds and have enough Lululemon gear to start my own store. So why do I sit at my computer rather than run to the yoga studio to sign up for the 30 day challenge? Good question…

I think what I am searching for is a fitness routine for my soul. I don’t mean just brain games as I think I’m ok there as I have a demanding career and amazing family and friends. What I mean is I think it is time I looked after what I can’t see; nurture what I can feel. A healthy body is great, but until the mind and soul are healthy too, it seems all for nothing. Enter the 30 day Yoga challenge. If I can commit to 30 days (which is only 30 out of 720 hours)  then I can commit to me. Maybe this is just a result of being a bit sleep-deprived and still not feeling 100%, but either way, I have a few weeks to convince myself that this challenge is what I need to do.


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