Summer Pail List

Lilies in Granville Market1I am in the middle of a much-needed stay-cation this week. I have slept in every morning and am staying up way too late at night which may prove painful when I return to the world of 5am next week, (damn you Netflix) but I am enjoying every minute of it. The weather has been absolutely exceptional and for that I am grateful.

As the winter passed by I counted 7th months in a row of having snow on the ground. Yes, I did write 7 months. Instead of complaining on my blog about what an eternal winter felt like, I decided to think forward to when the snow would be gone, the sun would shine and winter a distant memory. I thought about what I wanted my summer to look like. When I started a “bucket list” we had no travel plans, no summer camps had been booked and no work projects were on the horizon so what better time to dream about the (hopefully) lazy days of summer.

I started writing a list of things I want to do, places I want to see and experiences I didn’t want to miss. It took the shape something like a “bucket list” but this isn’t a wish list of things to do before an end, it is a list of things to guide me on those days when I just don’t want the amazing Rocky Mountain summer to pass me by. It is not a list to fill my life’s bucket, but rather a small list that will nicely fit inside my beach pail. If I don’t cross off everything this summer, that is ok. It is never easy to get every last grain of sand out of those little plastic pails so if there are a few left over, I’m sure I will discover those the next time I need my beach toys.

1. Enjoy coffee on my deck as often as possible.

2. Go on a picnic. (complete with blankets on the grass, sandwiches, fancy finger foods and maybe even a bottle of wine.)

3. Get Geeky at the Science Centre with my daughter.

4. Walk Chili every day.

5. Try Stand Up Paddleboarding.

6. Practice yoga on the deck.

7. Visit a local museum.

8. Unplug for more than just a few hours.

9. Visit a friend I haven’t seen in a long time.

10. Attend a yoga class in a different city.

11. Enjoy lunch at an outdoor cafe and not worry about the time.

12. Share some of my time by volunteering.

13. Hike in the mountains.

14. Run the Seawall in Vancouver (unlike last year when I just walked. This year I want to run.)

15. Eat local and support our economy by shopping at the Farmers’ Market.

16. Take advantage of the amazing weekend sunrises and run on the ridge rather than sleeping through them.

17. Enjoy great company under our pergola on the warm summer evenings.

18. On a rainy day have a picnic inside. (see #2)

19. Window shop in Mission and enjoy a latte at Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters while people watching.

20. Visit a vineyard and taste a regional wine.

21. Make real sun tea.

22. Camp in my backyard.

23. Who knows? After all, one never knows what summer may have in store.




3 thoughts on “Summer Pail List

  1. What a great list Trish. You seem to be in a very positive place and I’m happy for you! I sincerely enjoy reading your blog.

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