Eating it up


I have never been one to be serious about making New Year’s resolutions. I suppose I always figured that was the best way to set myself up for failure. After all, everyone seems so gung-ho for about 6 weeks, then life slips back to the patterns established well before the Christmas season. Many people just tell themselves, “hey, I gave it a shot!” and not look back. So why do we, year after year, feel pressured into making changes that happen to coincide with a trip to the mall to find a new calendar at 50% off?

Tonight I found myself doing what resembles a New Year resolution. I decided to make some changes, but this one encompasses a few things I need to work on: procrastinate less (but not too much or I’d lose blog topics 😉 ), eat better, and improve my overall health. I looked at those 3 goals and realize they are pretty general. I suppose I came up with them a bit backwards to the way people normally think to make commitments to change. I am doing something specific which translate into a goal covered off by those global ideas.

I sat on the couch with my MacBook and googled “meal planner templates”. Why? Well, I hired a personal trainer last April and have decided that isn’t the only way I will achieve my goals. Don’t get me wrong, I love the changes I’ve seen and felt, but now I want more. I finally came to the admittance that exercise is only a small portion of my goals. I need to be honest with myself and know that my eating habits suck and I will never realize how great I can feel unless it changes.

I don’t eat enough. Period. I try to eat well but I also have an aversion to cooking so I tend to grab what is convenient after I have waited so long to eat I am famished or hope my hubby is home cooking me dinner. I hate eating breakfast, refuse to eat leftovers and if there were a pill I could take and never have to eat again, I would be quite happy. Fancy restaurants are a waste for me and I don’t care that my food looks like art. I eat to live, not the other way around.

I have to embrace that food is fuel and if I want this amazing body to feel amazing, I have to fill it with premium nutrients. Thankfully the scale isn’t a motivator or a deterrent for me. Nope, I just want to show off my new muscles and feel good doing it. So here begins my journey to attempt to plan out everything I need to eat a week at a time. Plan, shop, and eat. Simple enough to write in a blog but it remains to be seen if I will fall into the category of “hey, I gave it a shot”.

t.g. 2014


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