Snow Day

IMG_1863As I clicked to my WordPress dashboard taking full advantage of a snow day, it occurred to me that there is little difference between the primarily white page of my computer screen and the seemingly never-ending white of the recent snowfall outside. There is something to simply letting the mind wander over the blank, white space.

Without words flowing across the page, my screen is just a white, empty, seemingly cold place. Outside most of our immediate world is covered in a thick layer of snow left behind by a fierce blizzard.

Perhaps my screen isn’t completely white as there are borders of words and colour surrounding the white core which waits for black print. Just as the snow covers most of the ground, fences, houses, cars and trees pop out from under the cold, white blanket to remind us of the life beneath.

The white space of my computer screen is full of possibilities. It can come alive with a story, grocery list, photos, social media or mundane musings. The untouched snow is pure, clean, ready for snow angels, bunny prints and snowmen.

I am inspired by this blank space as I can write about anything or everything. I can never help myself as I feel the need to drive or walk in the untouched virgin snow to not only make my mark, but to be the first one to do so.

A blank page is silent until words rip across in lines. White snow can remain silent until the sun peeks through the clouds to melt it away.

My screen is no longer primarily white but still so much is untouched, unblemished. The roads have been navigated yet the yards, drifts and roofs are pure and sparkling against the sun which has peeked through the clouds which are no longer heavy with snow.

I always hope what I write will last forever, but I know in a few short months, the snow will be gone.

The one thing I’m certain about is both my words and the snow will have an impact on those around me.


I can't read your mind, but I love reading your thoughts!

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