Sunday Confessions

I love spending my Sunday’s relaxing, catch up on social media, stay in my pyjamas all day and generally being a slug at home. Things changed this week. ‘A’ only had one dance rehearsal yesterday so rather than waking up early to get a jump on housework before dance and heading to the gym while she rehearses, I slept in, wandered to a local craft fair late in the morning, took A and a friend to the dance studio and enjoyed catching up with a friend at Starbucks. After dance, A and I did some shopping for our “Christmas Adopt-a-Family” and came home. I managed to clean one of the fish bowls, but not much else (the groceries are still in my truck 😳 ). It felt as though I accomplished a lot yesterday as the time flew by, but now as I sit here typing, I realize, Sunday will be a busy day as it is nearing mid-day and I have a long list of things to do that didn’t get done yesterday that will prevent me from my Sunday sluggish habits. It has occurred to me, I can script most of my weekends ahead of time, but every once in a while I get thrown a curveball. The days pass quickly and best laid intentions are forgotten. Sometimes I just have to let go, make a few confessions and do what I can and enjoy the weekend.


There is snow on the ground, it is November and only +1 degree Celsius and I opened my sunroof as wide as it would go to let the cool winter air surround me as I drove home from the gym (since I didn’t go yesterday) then from  Starbucks.


I ordered a triple this morning at Starbucks even though I promised myself I would cut back to help my bank account. I worked hard at the gym on a Sunday morning so this justified the extra shot. 😉


The sun is shining in my eyes through the kitchen window as I squint to write, but I refuse to move or close the blinds.


I keep getting suckered into letting Chili outside then right back in as he keeps checking to see if it is warm enough to lay on the deck. I do assure him it is not, but he has to figure that out on his own. 😉

C and A are out grocery shopping so I am enjoying the quiet rather than getting busy around the house to make up for things I didn’t do yesterday while I have the opportunity when no one is here to trip over. There is no washer or dryer humming, the tv is off, no one is wandering around the house with heavy feet and the phone hasn’t rung. The only sound is the clicking of the keys on my Macbook and the occasional sigh from Chili. I have much to do today, but for the next few moments, I will force myself to just enjoy the quiet and silently make that never-ending list of things to do in my head.


I can't read your mind, but I love reading your thoughts!

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