Reasons to (not) go to Yoga

I haven’t been feeling well the past few weeks. The dreaded seasonal cold has made its way around and finally settled in my head. Although it was (shamefully) nice to lay on the couch for a few days and not worry about what was on my desk at work or worse, what was piling up in the laundry basket, I decided I had enough and was about to take drastic measures to chase the cold out of my body.

Up off the couch I got and to the surprise of my hubby, I went to the gym last night. Yes, I whined to my trainer and told him I wasn’t up to my usual self, but to his credit, he said “Good to know, now let’s get to work.” Deadlifts, bicep curls, push ups and everything else we did left me exhausted yet energized. Maybe there is something to “sweating it out” after all.

I’m back to work today feeling rotten and sorry for myself. Fortunately as I hung up my coat this morning, my yoga bag stared me in the face.  It said nothing (after all, it is just a bag 😉 ) but knowing it was there nagged me all morning. I spent the better part of 2 hours coming up with reasons to (not) go to yoga.

1. I have work I should catch up on so really need to work through my lunch. – Don’t be silly, the company is insistent on employees taking a minimum 30 minutes away from work for lunch and encourages health and fitness.

2. I could just walk through the mall and do a few errands I have been putting off. –  Really? You’ve procrastinated already, one more day isn’t going to matter especially if the reason is yoga and not spending money.

3. I have to go outside in the cold to get to the yoga studio and I might get another chill.  – The fresh air will be good for me since I’m stuck in recycled air all day and I wore a warm coat today.

4. I feel ROTTEN.  – Ah, but I always feel better after 50 minutes of warmth, quiet and connection with my mat.

5. I don’t feel like it. – I feel like it once I get inside the warm studio.

6. Did I mention I just don’t feel like it?


Yes, the internal arguing actually continued on the walk to the studio but I did go. 50 minutes of Yoga Flow and as I predicted, I am wondering why I even bothered to try to talk myself out of it. I feel amazing better than I did an hour ago and I’m definitely more awake and ready for an afternoon of productivity.
I will flag this post and read it the next time tomorrow when I try to talk myself out of going to Yoga.

My mat welcomes me as does a ray of warm sunshine.

My mat welcomes me as does a ray of warm sunshine.


5 thoughts on “Reasons to (not) go to Yoga

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