Mile High Club

I know what you are thinking and may I just say, you’re completely wrong? I have proudly joined a different sort of “mile high club”. The geek in me couldn’t resist blogging from 30,000 feet. Yes, I’m one of those people who couldn’t wait to be able to jump on line during a flight. No, I don’t lose my mind having to be unconnected for a few hours; it is a welcome break once in a while. I am someone who just gets caught up in the ever-moving-forward world of technology. Seriously how cool is it to be totally connected while flying over North America?

This is a totally different experience for me all around. I’m only able to blog from 30,000 feet because of a bit of luck, a lot of patience and parents who have a home in sunny Arizona. We had tried to plan a vacation over Halloween as who wouldn’t prefer to trick or treat in the heat rather than snow? Unfortunately it wasn’t in the cards this year. I moved on trying to think how we could just fly to Arizona to spend my Dad’s 70th birthday with him but barriers stood in our way. Vacation time was scarce, flights were expensive and A started dance rehearsals the week prior so couldn’t go. I had all but given up.

I now happily find myself on a plane headed to spend a long weekend with my parents. We kept my arrival a secret from my Dad and although I know he is disappointed C & A aren’t with me, I know we will have an amazing weekend. I wonder how things worked out in the end as I was sure this could never happen? Well it is and not only do I have a few days with my parents basking in the Arizona heat, I joined the geekiest Mile High Club around.



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