Midnight Musings

There is something to be said about what alcohol does to a person. You can think you know someone sober and find out they are completely different as you send them home in a cab.

I sit alone as I hear my hubby happily snoring upstairs wondering if a friend made it home safe tonight.

True, as cabs are concerned here, safe I am assured, but I have no idea if the cabbie was able to walk her to the door, let alone put her to bed.

Interestingly the cabbie made me feel like the bad guy as he said to me “is she ok?” and “if not, I will be back here to see you” as I poured her into the back seat.

I made sure of her address as offers to crash here were refused. Payment he had and yet I am still left wondering if she will somehow show up back at my door.

Funny thing about alcohol: it makes us into someone we try so hard to hide.

I can’t help but embrace the reminders of why I refrain from letting completely loose.

I have worked too hard to be who I am today and am not about to let a bottle of wine tell everyone else otherwise.


I can't read your mind, but I love reading your thoughts!

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