Attitude, Gratitude and knowing when to follow your Dreams

Sometimes the smallest events can change the way I think about life. Sometimes it can be as simple as a waking up from a dream which feels so real it takes time to comprehend it wasn’t. Sometimes it comes from accomplishing something that wasn’t even a goal a few years ago. Sometimes it can be much bigger like realizing the city of a million I call home is under a state of emergency. Sometimes, it can be in between, like a friend deciding his hobby really is his dream and watching everything unfold into what I can only imagine will be, well, huge. The one thing every event in my life has in common is my attitude and the gratitude of knowing when to embrace what is happening around me. I can choose to ignore, or I can embrace how everything around me shapes who I am and who I have yet to become.

To be truly inspired, a person not only has to think how amazing something is and be moved by the actions, but must also put themselves into action. The feelings I have after I wake up from a core-shaking dream usually fade within a few hours; the moment of accomplishment I felt crossing the finish line became overshadowed with recovery and healing sore muscles; the warm fuzzies I’m feeling watching a city pull together after an unprecedented disaster has put me in a state of awe (but I suspect we will all move on at some point once the city is back together); the sense of excitement I have as I watch a friend build what I can only describe as an empire from something he and a friend did out of boredom, will last me a lifetime. Perhaps to be truly inspired, dream and passion need to also walk along side in order for actions to happen.

As I sit on my deck in the sunshine feeling gratitude for what I have already accomplished, I can’t help but dream about what is still to come. I have hit a milestone birthday recently but it is simply a number I will associate with years of setting goals, dreaming up new ones, finding inspiration in others dreams, realizing passion is what changes dreams into goals and having gratitude for everything I have done as well as the people I’ve met along the way. I will keep moving forward, finding new challenges, and remind myself to never stop dreaming and to continue to set my sights on new goals. I will wake up wondering what the dream I had last night meant; I will cross another finish line; I will smile at my neighbours and appreciate where I live and how powerful a sense of community can be; I will support a friend who is realizing his dreams by providing encouragement and positivity; I will keep finding inspiration everywhere I look. Most importantly, I will run towards my goals, dreams and aspirations full speed for if I don’t, I will simply sit on my deck, watching others realize theirs.


2 thoughts on “Attitude, Gratitude and knowing when to follow your Dreams

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