Think Less, Live More

Social media is buzzing with events that happened very far from where I call home. In the same light, those events have hit very close to home and have made me stop in my tracks.

Sometimes it takes a single event to shake the very foundation of my blissful world and remind me how vulnerable we are and how my life really isn’t something I want to be taking for granted.

Perhaps these events have hit me a bit harder as I approach my 40th birthday. Then again, past events have shaped who I am today and constantly remind me to enjoy the life I have chosen.

I will hug my daughter and husband a bit tighter every night as I’m reminded mortality doesn’t discriminate.

I will strive to make my parents and siblings proud, be a true friend, and always remind myself what is important in life and not stress about the unimportant.

I will stop thinking about everything I want to accomplish in my life and just do it.

I will stop simply thinking about how events geographically distant have affected me right here, right now and turn those thoughts into actions.

I will think less and live more as my regrets aren’t about what I have done, but rather what I haven’t done.


I can't read your mind, but I love reading your thoughts!

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