Behind the Yellow Line – Simply Amused


I commute to and from work using public transit. I chose to do so partly because of the cost (our downtown core has one of the highest parking rates in the world, not to mention the cost of gas and wear and tear on my SUV) and partly because I am trying to do my part in lowering environmental impact (the train is run by electricity). There are days when I remind myself of this as public transit can have more negative aspects than positive. Some days I have to dig deep and find the amusing side of my ride simply to make it to my destination having a bit of sanity left. I recently had one such day. While many riders seemed uncomfortable, annoyed and even afraid, I had a smile on my face as I eavesdropped on a conversation between two people:

HER: “Hey a$$hole, wanna buy me a new shirt so no one stares at my belly fat?”

HIM: “Yes b!%ch. Anything you want, I will provide.”

HER: “Ok a$$hole, because I really don’t like everyone staring at my belly fat.”

HIM: “Why are you talking about belly fat anyway?”

HER: “Hey a$$hole, I need a seat for my belly fat.”

HER: “Hey a$$hole? Do you see a seat for my belly fat? A$$hole?”

HIM: “B!%ch, if you just wait, you’ll get a seat.”

HIM: “Oh, I see one. Go b!%ch, get the seat.”

They called each other “bitch” and “asshole” as if it were their names. It wasn’t derogatory or negative or aggressive, just names as if they were calling each other Bob and Jane. Now I suppose they were possibly high or drunk or both, but at this point I had to get off the train as it was my stop. Many around seemed apprehensive and looked away. Some individuals even moved down the aisle of the train. I couldn’t see them from where I was on the train car, but in the moment, I was simply amused.


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