The Insignificant Ramblings Return

As I spend another Saturday morning checking Facebook, Twitter and WordPress to see what everyone has been up to, I try to find the inspiration to resume letting the world know what exciting things are happening in my world (insert sarcasm here). I have spent many hours typing, editing, deleting, browsing photos, saving drafts, starting new posts only to find myself walking away from my MacBook deciding I don’t really have anything significant to share.

Although I find everyone else’s life seemingly exciting and have found a list of new blogs I read daily and tweets I follow hourly, I struggle to find something worthy to post, tweet or publish. True, I do throw out the occasional status update not knowing if anyone but me is interested and am always hesitant to type mundane ramblings such as “having pasta for dinner #yummy” as who really needs to know what my husband made for our latest meal? I’m not sure even I take an interest in some of the aspects of my own life.

I’m not implying I have a boring, unfulfilling life, or think my life not worth knowing about, but I’m definitely not a celeb, CEO, artist, novelist, or Canadian Astronaut happily orbiting Earth making advances for all man (and woman) kind. I’m not on a road of recovery, discovery or adventure to some unknown land. I’m just here, in the moment, enjoying everything and everyone around me.

In the world of social media, it is hard to not get caught up in it all and enjoy that moment of egoism when someone, anyone takes that nano-second to “like” something I posted. Providing I don’t get caught up in trying to figure out the real meaning of that “like” (was it really something she liked, or is she just letting me know she read it?), I do enjoy knowing someone out there might be even a little bit interested in what I have to say. Do I need recognition to know I have a pretty amazing life? Not really, but let’s be honest, why write and hit that little blue publish button if I didn’t hope someone would read what I wrote?


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