Behind the Yellow Line

I have so much fun writing The Starbucks Experiment I decided to try another similar writing exercise. I love having somewhere to write about people and events happening around me and at the same time use the situations as a spring-board to try new writing styles. I was a Communications major in University and didn’t focus much on creative writing so now I am able to write with only my inner critic and Muse as my critical audience. True, I hope others read my material and share comments and critiques. I have discovered so many amazing writers on WordPress, I am inspired and intimidated at the same time. So here I take a leap forward to silence my inner critic and allow my Muse to sing “behind the yellow line”.


A brief background of what is to come under the category “Behind the Yellow Line” :

I commute to and from work via Light Rail Transit, known in the city as the C-Train (Calgary Train) or LRT. What started me thinking is the fact that my commute is never the same although I’m pretty habitual insofar as the time I am on the train and the stops I get on and off. The trains run so frequently it is rare I see the same people each day as I’m not always on the same train and although I’m often buried in a book, I take the time every so often to just people watch. I find myself wondering what brought them to the train that day, what provoked certain behaviours, and where life is taking them next. I will never know the answers so I am giving them fictional ones instead.

The title simply comes from the mystery voice over the loudspeakers which constantly reminds transit riders to “Please stand behind the yellow line” as the train approaches the platform. Perhaps that mystery voice has a story that needs to be told as well. Hmmmmm…


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