Wordless WordPress

Yikes. Yes, I just wrote the word “yikes”. I was looking through my many drafts and realized it has been a month since I posted anything on my blog. Life has being happening, my Muse has been screaming, and I’ve been writing, I just haven’t hit that blue “Publish” button in far too long. I’ve been diligently posting daily on my alternate ego blog, yet that one is a true snooze for my Muse. We’ve been working on a few new things for this blog and I’m not entirely sure why I am hesitating. Perhaps my inner critic is fighting a wee bit as I’ve discovered some absolutely amazing writers lately (check out my blogroll as I will be adding to it in the next few days as they deserve some shout outs!) and I’m feeling a bit intimidated. My Muse is fighting back and reminding me that writers need to be read and I have a few followers that I do hate to disappoint. 😉  So onward and upward. It is time to take the leap and keep that dream alive that one day I too, will be Freshly Pressed.


2 thoughts on “Wordless WordPress

  1. I like this! I, too, get frustrated when I notice that bloggers who have only been blogging for a few short months get Freshly Pressed when I have yet to receive the honor. I wonder: “Will my turn ever come?”

    But we bloggers must keep trudging on, in spite of the seeming lack of attention at times. 😉

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