Procrastinating my Eclectic Distractions

I have taken some time away from my laptop to consider what the future of my blog should look like. A few readers have commented that it is “unfocused” or “random”; others have advised to just follow my Muse. I have browsed many MANY other blogs in search of something that I have finally realized is right here. I am not scatter-brained, or “all over the place”; I am just eclectic in my writing styles and topics. I am not focused on one specific subject matter, but rather focused on just writing. I sat down with my blog, looked at all my past posts, my drafts yet to be published, categories and tags, and even the theme I have chosen. My conclusion is this just feels right. I have always said I write for myself and yes, in hopes others will read it and this blog just needs to be a place to simply write whatever makes my Muse happy in that moment.

There are small changes to the blog. I have added new categories (rather than creating new, more “focused” blogs separate from this one) which will be introduced as I add them. I am enjoying “The Starbucks Experiment” so it remains. I have dusted off my Wreck This Journal so I will be sharing those disasters creative moments as well. I have added “Mundane Musings” which are simply my ramblings about what I’m doing when I should be doing something else. “Past Life Writings” is where I will share things I wrote before I began this blog as I happen upon journals and scribbles every so often that I’m compelled to post. I also have something new in the works that I hope to share very soon. I will be updating my blogroll regularly (if you would like to appear here, please feel free to drop a comment and I will add a link) as I love stalking reading other’s blogs and I have found some of the most amazing blogs via other’s blogroll. I consider it to be like  cyber-networking! 😉 My blog is always evolving and changing, but I think that’s part of the charm.

Onward and forward as my Muse and I just write, hoping you’ll enjoy the ride as well. Perhaps my blog might be better named “Eclectic Distractions”… hmmm….


3 thoughts on “Procrastinating my Eclectic Distractions

    • I love your theme! That would definitely have me coming back again, and again. I really do write for myself and the added bonus is keeping it interesting so others will read it too. 😉

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