Epic Distractions

A recent conversation I had with my husband:

Me: Have you been reading my blog?

C: Yup.

Me: And? What do you think?

C: It’s good.

Me: But?

C: You’re kind of all over the place.

Me: But is the writing good?

C: Yup.

Me: But?

C: You’re all over the place.

Me: Oh. Ok.

I started my blog as somewhere to just write whatever came to mind in the moment. It seemed like a better place to put my thoughts as it was a new experience to actually have the potential of other people in cyberspace actually reading what I wrote. True, I have an English Degree so am not new to criticisms and praises of my writing, but this would be raw and honest, without being analyzed by a professor. I am thoroughly enjoying writing, even if my blogs seem to be “all over the place”.

I did take the conversation to heart and really started looking at some of the great blogs out there and looked at what makes them so successful. Everyone has a very different way of expressing themselves and there are many different writing styles out there. The one thing I did find that each blog had in common with another was focus. As I make the decision to continue with my blog, I also made the decision to find a focus. Over the next little while, my Muse and I are going to do some re-vamping of the blog and although I can’t promise I won’t get distracted from time to time, I’m hoping I can write more regularly and organize my blog so I’m not quite so “all over the place”.

I hope you enjoy what is to come and please let me know if there are things you would like to see more or less of. After all, a blog is an epic fail without anyone to read it – I hope mine is an epic distraction for my readers 😉

– t.g. 2012

*Photo image courtesy of blog.hubspot.com


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