The Office Ghost is Constipated

The office building I work in is quite simply, old. The women’s washroom on our floor is far from modern although it does serve its purpose.  It is small with only 4 very narrow stalls and 4 sinks. Recently the building has installed the auto-flush mechanisms which is quite a nice change from having to flush with my foot (the industrial handles were nasty!). I had assumed there were some “growing pains” with the new technology as the toilets will often flush randomly whether there is an occupant or not. I thought nothing of this occurence other than the annoyance from time to time.

There is, however, a new occurence that I’m unable to associate with the common pains of living in an older office building. The farthest stall, more often than not, has its door closed. I don’t mean just settling closed, but all the way, have-to-use-some-force-to-push-it-open kind of closed. These doors are heavy, old, and must be forceably closed when in the stalls. Ok, I thought maybe it was off center and closed by simple gravitational pull until I opened it to see if it mysteriously would swing closed. Nope, it stayed fully open with no issues. After obsessing over it for a few weeks (it always feels awkward having to peek under a stall to see if there are feet!) I decided to get over it and just ignore this odd phenomenon… until there was something else that started to happen as well.

The fact the stall door was always closed poked at my obsessive nature enough that every time I went into the bathroom, yes, I opened the door (after awkwardly checking for feet). I didn’t normally use that stall (no quick escape route in case of a fire but that’s for another post 😉 ) but the fact it appeared unwelcoming to others bothered me (now only 3 stalls for several dozen employees? that’s crazy!). The last few times I have opened the door, I glanced in an took note that the toilet seat was now always up. Hmmm… ok, this IS a women’s bathroom so the most logical explanation was the cleaners must have been in recently as they do leave the seats up overnight showing the glowing blue toilet water so the office staff can take note they did their job. However, it was the ONLY seat up, no blue water, and the middle of the afternoon. I wondered if a new guy mistakenly thought this was the men’s room, I even contemplated that maybe someone preferred not to sit on the seat but rather “hover”? I even thought maybe someone enjoyed regular visits from their toddler son and felt more secure bringing him into the women’s washroom?

I was out of ideas only had one last explaination for this odd occurence… the office ghost is constipated.


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