The Starbucks Experiment

Early in the fall of 2011 I found myself with pockets of time allowing my muse and I to write uninterrupted. Due to unforeseen circumstances my daughter was forced to change dance studios and luck have it, there is a Starbucks across the parking lot from her new studio. Unfortunately, it isn’t one that is within a bookstore, which are my favourite because if my Muse decides to be distracted in that moment, I can usually get her back on track by wandering through the shelves of books. While not attached to a bookstore, it is a full serve and quite large coffee-house complete with big comfy leather chairs (I will try to overlook the absence of a fireplace now the weather is creeping into Spring 😉 ). I usually prefer to sit at a table in the back corner with a view of the door and the entire cafe. I’m there Monday nights and occasionally for the 2 hour stretch on Saturday afternoons when I’m not going for a run. Armed with my laptop and Starbucks Card, those small increments of time have proven fruitful.

Coffee houses are by far one of the best places to people watch. Next to writing, if I could get paid to just sit and observe the human condition, I’d be set. Since I don’t seem to get paid to do either but love both, I have decided to start a “Starbucks experiment” combining some of my passions including enjoying my weekly Earl Grey Tea Latte. I thought it a great venue to experiment with some different writing styles and share some of the most colourful characters that wander in and out of the coffee-house. My Muse is quite inspired by having the jumping off point of reality where she and I can create a fantasy. I am determined to write, and more importantly post, even if what comes out of my fingertips into the computer is raw and I’d prefer to revise, and revise again. After all, I have called this an “experiment” haven’t I? I hope you enjoy reading what is to come as much as I hope to enjoy writing it. 🙂


One thought on “The Starbucks Experiment

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