True confessions of a Running Yogi

My blogs have become somewhat directed at my new obsessions lately. Who knew I would become so engaged in actual exercise that if I’m not doing it, I feel obligated to write about it? I suppose the benefits I am seeing surpass what I had ever expected, however there have also been a few detriments along the way as well.

BENEFIT: I have a considerable amount of excess energy I didn’t know was there to be uncovered.

DETRIMENT: I love running in the evenings, especially around sunset, so I come home full of energy which ends up with fewer hours of sleep 😦

BENEFIT: I love yoga classes

DETRIMENT: I don’t love overcrowded yoga classes where warrior pose means fighting for space

BENEFIT: Cute running and yoga clothes!

DETRIMENT: Husband rolling his eyes when I come home with new cute running and yoga clothes!

BENEFIT: Feeling like a super model in my cute running and yoga clothes

DETRIMENT: Realizing I’m not a super model as I feel the jiggle as I run and seeing the rolls as I contort into yoga poses

BENEFIT: I actually remember to take my vitamins

DETRIMENT: My muscles remind me to take Advil 😦

BENEFIT: I have become more aware of what I am eating

DETRIMENT: I am upset at the realization that some of my favourite foods are making me feel awful

BENEFIT: I feel stronger

DETRIMENT: I have actually gained weight, not lost (muscle weighs more than fat right? 😉 )

BENEFIT: I am out exploring my community as well as a few others on my runs so will be posting some new photos of my amazing city

DETRIMENT: Being so caught up in looking cute, I forget to bring my camera along on my runs!

BENEFIT: My Muse loves running and yoga and as a result has not stopped talking for the past few weeks and is even yelling above my iPod playlist

DETRIMENT: Distractions and procrastinations run rampant in my life (pun intended) as I run, do yoga and then must write to keep my muse happy thus putting off what I really should be doing!

To be really cliché, I constantly wonder, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” despite the setbacks? Granted, I still have moments of talking myself out of running or going to yoga class and a few times, my excuses have won. I have been at it for a month now and the excuses are fewer and fewer as they are now shifting to procrastinating doing laundry as I think I had better get out for a run, just in case the weather suddenly turns bad over the next few hours, and trust me, it can change that fast in Calgary. As the weather is slowly creeping into spring, I can’t help but wonder what other new fitness craziness I will discover. I’m open to suggestions!

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4 thoughts on “True confessions of a Running Yogi

  1. I love to go for a run, but recently the pollen in the air is making it a nightmare to breathe. I’m getting anxious and one of these days I’m going to bust out the door and take off without really caring if my sinus go haywire! I miss the burst of energy I get from running a couple of miles!

  2. The pollen int he air is absolutely horrific so I haven’t been running or walking like I love to do. But I found another outlet.. I just walk in the mall.. from one end to the next. And I still get the same exercise while looking at clothes through the window lol

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