Ignoring my Muse no more

In the quiet of the morning while everyone is asleep, the snow is gently falling and the coffee is brewing. I gather a few thoughts while rousing my muse as it has been far too long since she and I had a few moments in time to create. She has been patient, occasionally throwing out a thought here and there in hopes of a pen and paper near by. I have ignored her too well over the past month, but won’t anymore. She was silent for some time but now my muse has a lot to say and I will listen. I have provided her with a lot of inspiration lately so it is time to discuss, ponder and write. Where to begin will be our hardest decision, or perhaps it will be what to finish first? Maybe I’ll play with a new writing style or topic? Perhaps I’ll just go back to my favourite exercise in school and write a stream of consciousness for a while. Regardless, it is time to write.

Reflections of Inspiration


2 thoughts on “Ignoring my Muse no more

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