Wreck This Journal – Distracted at Work

Since completing the “pages of good thoughts” in my Wreck This Journal, my Muse has been screaming at me. We had fun exploring my new optimistic outlook so I thought I best keep my Wreck This Journal close at hand. It isn’t often that far away, but it did slip out of my bag for a while as I was feeling loaded down carrying it around. I decided to start bringing it along with me  again as I love the pages I had completed and it was a nice reminder when I was having a bad day.

I work in a corporate Head Office for a very large company in the downtown core. I love the Industry, but sometimes the job isn’t exactly where I’d hoped to be at this point in my career. I went through a period of really questioning whether or not I should move on and finally came to the conclusion that maybe this was where I needed to be in the moment. I have a new outlook, and am once again enjoying my career path. I credit some of this to my new 2012 optimistic outlook, which is why when I flipped to my good thoughts page one lunch hour, my Muse and I found a page which instructed me to “cover this page using only office supplies.” Those were craft supplies I had readily available so over a few lunch hours, my Muse and I got creative.

As is true to anything I seem to do, I began my creativity by over thinking. I spent a few days cataloging in my head all the different types of office supplies around me that I had taken for granted. I had to decide which would make the cut, and which were just too absurd to even consider pulling out of my desk drawer. Terrified to put anything permanent on the pages, ironically I used an entire pad of post-it notes to play with ideas knowing they could be removed. I covered the two pages with different colours and sizes of the iconic post-its in an attempt to create a “post-it collage” only to take them all off as it just didn’t seem to represent my daily work life. Some had writing on them, some just blank. In the end, they all ended up in the recycle bin so I moved back to the mental list of office supplies the company graciously supplies so I can do my job.

I decided I wanted to have items on my page that showed more than just a bunch of random items. I wanted things that were unique to the role I have in my chosen field. Unfortunately, that would very quickly be an idea I had to abandon. Any item that is truly unique to what I do was not going to fit on 2 pages of a book and without a futuristic miniaturizing ray-gun, I would have to go back to the basics. It was enlightening to accept that there are some items that we all like to have to make our office lives easier, and I did discover that I do have a few items that really are “personal” to me and identify the work I do. With my pile of supplies in hand, I finally sat down and had some fun.

Included in my collage are common items like the paper clip which I bent in the shape of the word “clip” as I can’t forget the writer in me. I was then inspired to write a few things including my very favourite quote from Douglas Adams which I also have posted on my cubicle wall. (“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”) I use tape flags on a daily basis so decided to create a flower from the smaller sized ones. That led me to the “sign here” flags that always make me laugh as it should seem obvious if you hand a contract to someone, with a plain coloured flag to mark a page that has their name and a blank line, what else would they do on that line? The post-it note disaster was still looming so I placed a single one in the top corner with the common reminder notes that might find their way onto the yellow surface. Next it was time to play with stamps. “Draft” seemed appropriate since I still wasn’t convinced this page would make it to my blog, or even be looked at again by me. I then stamped “Copy” which I decided was funny as there is no way this addition to my Journal was anything but original. The date stamp was fun as I could mark the day I started working on the pages. I played with stickers, the label gun, white-out, staples, tape and pens. Finally, I decided I was done and yes, the pages would be shared, so I added one last touch: the “confidential” stamp. These pages would only be confidential until it hit my blog page, then there would be no turning back.

Is there a lesson to be learned from every page I complete? Sometimes I think there has to be, but in this case, I think it was simply an exercise in remembering to just take a moment to have some fun at work.


2 thoughts on “Wreck This Journal – Distracted at Work

  1. This is such an interesting entry.
    I decided to go for the “bunch of random items” on my Office Supplies page. 🙂 It was my favourite to do. Plus it gave me reason to use some of my enormous collection of post-it notes……
    As much as I love my page (ha, aren’t I modest!!) I really like what you’ve done here, and how you can explain what everything on that page is there for and how it is personal to you. That seems to make it all the more special.
    Great work!

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