Wreck This Journal – Keeping up the Optimism

I vowed 2012 to be the year I become the eternal optimist who finds happiness, love and sets in motion all that I need to achieve my dreams. I decided the best way to remind myself of this is to complete the “Page of good thoughts” in my Wreck This Journal so when I find myself feeling blue, I can open to the page and smile.

I wanted to start 2012 on a positive note and write down everything that makes me happy so I looked at this page not as destruction and hesitation, but as creativity and an exercise in ignoring the negative and really focusing on the positive. It was only difficult in that I didn’t have enough space to write everything I wanted to. I surprised myself because I have a lot of happiness and love already in my life, but sometimes I need to stop and remember that. I quickly spilled over to the blank page and promptly added the “s” to “Page” as one page just isn’t enough for good thoughts. I wrote a few quotes that always stuck with me and as wells as some of the simplest things in everyday life that always make me smile no matter how grumpy I may be in the moment. Because life is never black and white, I grabbed my daughter’s pencil crayons and added some colour. I even allowed myself to draw a bit rather than just limiting myself to words. I even cracked the spine to its limits to allow the book to sit wide open on the table. I’m really learning to let go!

I’m very pleased how the pages turned out and am not entirely sure I’m done as there is still a lot of white space. Maybe that white space will slowly fill with optimism as the year progresses. Perhaps the white space simply represents my future optimism that I haven’t yet discovered and will remind me to search out the little things in life that make me smile.


6 thoughts on “Wreck This Journal – Keeping up the Optimism

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to find optimism out of thin air. But the one thing that keeps me having a optimistic attitude is knowing I am grateful to wake up and see my family. That usually turns my stressful attitude into a good one. And this is such a wonderful post. I am sure you will complete your new years resolution

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