Resolutions of the Eternal Optimist

I got to thinking about New Years and resolutions. Many people think of New Years as a starting point to make goals for what is hoped to be achieved in the year to come. Many take the opportunity to look back on the year past and what was, or in some cases, wasn’t accomplished. It is a time to reflect on what perhaps didn’t go well and also remember the unexpected, pleasant revelations that made the year one for the books. Each year brings new and different experiences whether small or life-changing and it doesn’t matter if we are ready or not, the New Year is approaching in a few short hours.

I often reflect back on the negatives that occurred in the year past, but vowed this year to only look ahead. We cannot change what has happened, but we can set in motion what we hope for the future. I decided to take a more positive approach to the New Year as I got thinking about a friend who I have always considered an eternal optimist. She has made a life-altering decision, and although it may not be viewed as a happy decision, she is only seeing her future as positive and enlightening. She is not focused on the past, but rather looking towards an amazing future for herself and those around her. She reminded me that the ultimate goal in life is happiness and love. Some of the toughest decisions in life make for the most exhilarating results.

As 2012 approaches, I vow to make only one resolution: be the eternal optimist who finds happiness, love and sets in motion all that I need to achieve my dreams.

Optimist: someone who isn’t sure whether life is a tragedy or a comedy but is tickled silly just to be in the play. ~Robert Brault


3 thoughts on “Resolutions of the Eternal Optimist

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