Wreck This Journal – Spill in the name of Perfection

It has been some time since I “cracked” open my Wreck This Journal (yes, I still cringe at the thought of cracking the spine). Truthfully, I think I had almost forgotten about it until I started cleaning up my spare room from all the Holiday chaos and discovered it sitting on a shelf looking rather lonely. As I picked it up and began flipping through the pages I thought now was a great time to let some creativity fly, fling, drip and spill.

This page was an interesting exercise for me. I actually found conflict, not in the fact I was to wreck this page, but that a mouthful of my beloved Starbucks was about to land on the page rather than in my belly! I then tossed around whether I should sacrifice just my latte, or should my Tassimo coffee also be represented? And what about my London Fog I occasional have when I’m writing? If all the different coffees I drink were to be represented, then should I label them? Should I pour one, spill another, drip another, or just fling them all with reckless abandon? Ok, I’m way over thinking this now. I suppose that in itself was worth the exercise. I carefully put the book down and walked away.

Once my inner critic decided to relax and allow my Muse to have her say, we had some fun. I grabbed my Starbucks, took off the lid and let the foam drip off the inside of the lid, onto the page. Hmmm, the foam didn’t do much. Spill and drip would be what happened next. Once the Starbucks sacrifice was complete, the page just didn’t look finished. I pulled out the pencil crayons and began to let some of my over thought decisions creep back in. Since this was my Starbucks, I might as well let the world know. Who knew drawing and colouring would be so liberating?

I felt rather silly for trying to over think such a simple task. I suppose that was the purpose of the page. It was never about just spilling coffee onto a book which normally would send me to the nearest bookstore to buy a new clean copy, but to discover that not everything in life has to be completely thought out and executed until perfection is established. Admittedly, I do still look at the page and wonder if it’s really complete, or if I should add more, or figure out how to erase the sad little coffee bean I attempted to draw? Now that I’ve published to my blog, my inner critic may be quietly pouting, but my Muse is happily sticking out her tongue in victory.


2 thoughts on “Wreck This Journal – Spill in the name of Perfection

  1. I love how your page turned out. It is hard to let go and make a mess, but it is also quite liberating. 🙂

    This was one of my favorite pages to complete and oddly enough, I too, made coffee stains and drew a Starbuck’s cup! 🙂

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