Wishing everyone the very best Holiday Distractions

I wanted to take a moment out of this busy season to wish everyone a wonderful end to a fabulous 2011. It is the time of year when hopefully, we can all remember to breathe and allow the distractions around us to creep in just a bit more.

Working in a busy downtown core, I easily get caught up in the rush and bustle but try my best to slow down from time to time and enjoy the sights of Christmas. Companies spend a lot of time and money to erect multiple story high Christmas trees in lobbies, the city adorns street lights with Christmas lights, and even Canadian Pacific Railway decorates the antique train engine that sits outside their head office. Many corporations begin rehearsals for carolling early in December so early morning commuters can enjoy the sounds of Christmas on their way into the office. The downtown core becomes a magical place once the snow falls and I can’t help but feel the spirit of the season.

Traffic can be a nightmare in the weeks leading up to the “big day” as everyone seems in a rush to get somewhere. I drive a short distance to the train station to commute into work and have decided this year to just enjoy the ride and take that time to be thankful I don’t feel a need to rush. I can enjoy the Holiday channel on my satellite radio in my SUV, I can read a great book and listen to my favourite music on the train, or as a pleasant surprise the last few days, meet a new friend on my commute. I chose this year to not get caught up in the panic and just truly “enjoy the ride”. I worked right until December 23rd and although there were very few people in the office (or downtown for that matter), it gave me the rare opportunity to slow right down and take in the beauty of the city and this city is gorgeous.

I will not venture into the downtown again now until after the New Year, but I am looking forward to exploring and discovering the beauty of my neighbourhood and reconnecting with my favourite part of Canada – my beloved Rocky Mountains. I wish everyone a fabulous holiday full of family, friends, and memories that will last lifetimes. Don’t forget to enjoy the distractions around you and hopefully Santa doesn’t get too distracted on the way to your house!


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