My Muse is a Professional Procrastinator

I have been feeling somewhat guilty lately considering it has been far too long since I last wrote. I don’t just mean on my blog, I mean at all. I haven’t picked up so much as a pencil in far too long and I don’t think texting can really count as a literary masterpiece. I browse through my drafts and realize nothing is finished. I picked up my journal and saw all the ideas I have just waiting to flourish. So where is my muse? I keep telling myself I’ll write before bed, I’ll write first thing in the morning, I’ll write while AJ is in dance class and yet, I seem to find other things to occupy my time. My laptop sits on the kitchen table, my journals are scattered throughout the house. I like to think I can blame it on a writer’s block but who am I kidding? I’m not even close to being out of words or ideas. I feel like I’ve barely even begun. So where is my muse? Life is completely hectic but generally when I’m so busy I forget to eat is when I write the most. I can brilliantly write about all the excuses I can think of but then I would have nothing more than a thousand words written making excuses for not writing. I glance back over to my unfinished drafts and wonder why my muse left before any were complete? Muses are a curious kind. I thought I was high-maintenance, but I think my muse has me beat. Maybe it is the time of year when it isn’t sunny and warm to be inspired by the warm glow of the sun, yet the snow is desperately trying to fall but won’t. The city is bland, tired, people wander aimlessly not sure what to do while waiting for the seasons to change. I’m at a loss. I know she’ll be back, I just wish I knew when….

How do you summon your muse?


2 thoughts on “My Muse is a Professional Procrastinator

  1. I’m right there with you so I can’t really give you much advice. I can say that watching a good movie or going on a nice scenic walk have kick-started my muse in the past!

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