Distracted by the Halloween Costume

I wasn’t a fan of Halloween as a kid. I did like the idea of the pillow case full candy we’d get after a long night of roaming the neighbourhood, or maybe it was the enjoyment I got from sorting my candy after I got home. (I was one of those kids who got the cookie sheet out and had all my candy sorted by type and even had subcategories and would lose it if my siblings dared move even a piece out of its rightful place). I was never creative in the costume department. I grew up in a small town quite a number of years ago so couldn’t just hop on-line or drive to the local big box store and purchase a cool costume. Come to think of it, I was a pretty shy kid so only ever remember going to the houses where I knew there was a very special bag of treats waiting or the one house where we always could count on a real candy apple or popcorn ball. I dressed up because I felt I had to, not because I wanted to.

My daughter fully embraces Halloween. She might not be allowed to wear her costume to school but she’s got me beat in the creativity department. I had her dressed up as a bunny for her first two years, then a fluffy dragon, then she was Snow White. I was more concerned with keeping her warm and cute, than being creative. Once I put the decision in her hands, her creativity soared. She has been Sandra Dee from Grease (not the cute Sandy, the leather T-Birds jacket, spandex pants and curly hair Sandy!), an “evil” Hanna Montana, a dead cheerleader and this year, “Scribble Girl”. Parts of her costume might have been bought, but the ideas were all hers. She refuses to wear a “cookie cutter” costume that she knows several of her friends will also be wearing. She thrives on being different, original and putting her own flare on her costume. She informed me tonight that next year it is time to bring out the gore and fear to her costume. I can hardly wait.

AJ’s interpretation of a “dead cheerleader” 

Our “Scribble Girl”!

Tonight as I hand out candy to all the Trick or Treaters and wait to see what my “Scribble Girl” will bring back for me to steal out of her bag of goodies ;-), I wonder what ever happened to Halloween being the night we looked forward to being scared half to death knowing it was all for fun? I miss the spooky and creepy costumes that so many would invest hours in creating. Now most of the kids are dressing up as the newest Disney character or a store-bought pirate. Most of the costumes are definitely “cute”, but I sometimes miss that element of wondering if that really is a costume, or just something else finally able to roam about even if for just one night.


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