Wreck This Journal – Girl Style

One of my favourite things to do on a Saturday afternoon is visit the library or bookstore with my daughter. Today was no exception, and since we forgot our library cards at home in our rush to get out the door, we ventured to Chapters to check out the books. AJ decided she would like a new activity book to keep her busy on the weekends when it was raining or ((gulp)) snowing. The decision was seemingly difficult until her dad spotted a book called “Tear Up This Book!”. It looked interesting and became intriguing when I noticed it was written by Keri Smith. I was excited as I did not know she also wrote for kids and my daughter looked at me with her head tilted sideways like I was crazy until I said to her, “Wreck This Journal”. I haven’t done a whole lot with my journal as yet, but AJ has seen it sitting beside my computer and I’ve shown her a few of the pages I’m working on. Once she and I started thumbing through “Tear Up This Book”, the decision was made. AJ never seems to have difficulty finding her inner creative nature so maybe I’ll “borrow” her journal once in a while to spark mine.


2 thoughts on “Wreck This Journal – Girl Style

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