My “Muse kit” – distractions aside

Since I decided to try my best to actually start writing more often I am motivating myself by trying to feel more like a writer. Of course this will mean writing more, but I also decided I needed more “tools” than just the words in my head and re-reading all those text books from University I likely never actually finished reading the first time around. I have what I need and thought I’d share what I call my “Muse kit” which is essentially everything my muse seems to need to be creative and have a longer attention span than a toaster. Each item has a purpose and my muse and I were careful to not clutter up what was truly essential for creativity. Will it help the words fall out of my head? Maybe, maybe not, but it will make me “feel” the way I need to be in order to write, and write often.

1. The most important thing in my “toolkit” are words and emotion. At times they may be profound, and at others, it may feel as if I have nothing to say. I’m ok as long as I can write.

2. My MacBook Pro. I can type MUCH faster than I can write, and it is more legible.

3. My brown leather bag. It holds everything I need with room to spare and I like the feel of it on my shoulder as I walk into the coffee shop, or just gaze at it sitting beside me sans laptop.

4. A favourite sweater. When I was in University I had a favourite sweatshirt that I always wore for those all night marathon study sessions. I still have it and likely it  should be thrown away as it is ripped to the point where I’m not entirely sure where the neck hole is anymore, but I just can’t part with it. So knowing I had to replace it, I have a light sweater-wrap for the warmer days and a chunky sweater-wrap for the cooler days. Both are grey, which hopefully isn’t reflective of my writing. They are miles too big for me and also serve double duty when I just want to curl up and be inspired by another author’s writing.

5. I have a small pink leather notebook that I carry everywhere. I call it my “Brain Blog Book”. I can quickly jot down ideas for my blog when I don’t have the chance to open up my Mac and write. The words within are sometimes chaotic as I usually don’t worry too much about grammar, spelling or proper sentence structure, but the journal is that of a perfectionist’s in every other way. I am careful how it is put in my bag as to not scratch or crease the cover, I always wrap the leather band in the same way around the journal and I only use a brown pen for my blog ideas with black for my “Wreck This Journal” ideas.

6. My “Wreck This Journal”. I am in love with this book and cannot go anywhere without it! It is the one and only place I allow myself to lose a bit of control and not allow my inner perfectionist to emerge.

7. Chapstick. I cannot go anywhere without this and as a result I do have one in my bag among other tubes strategically placed in my house, office and car.

8. My camera. I am always looking around and never want to miss an amazing sunrise, sunset or “Kodak” moment, especially if it leads me to a blog idea. If I don’t have my camera with me, I always have my iPhone in a pinch.

9. A bottle of water. I’m a water junkie and no matter what I’m drinking, you will always see me “double-fisting” with a bottle of water in one hand.

10. My coffee. Depending on my writing mood, I will have a Venti Vanilla Non-Fat Extra Hot Latte or a Venti Skinny Earl Grey Latte (also known as a London Fog). If my muse and I write at home, I have my favourite mug and my Tassimo machine or French Press.

11. A place to write. Ok, so this won’t fit into my leather satchel, but I need structure and although I wish I could be more carefree and write whenever the mood strikes, (which is why my pink journal comes in pretty handy) my Muse only enjoys writing when the ambiance is just right. I have a few spots, Starbucks being my favourite, but almost any coffee shop will do, or where I am now, at my kitchen table as it is in a south-facing nook with large windows on 3 sides.

The only other thing I need is time. I would love nothing more than to get paid to spend my days writing, but for now this is one of the smaller bits of my already packed life. I chose a very different career and although writing has always been a part of my life, it has only been recently that the passion has truly surfaced and I’ve realized I really do want to write. Will I ever write more than just a tiny little blog? I sure hope so. Will anyone ever read what I write? That would be amazing. Will I ever stop feeling guilty for spending time writing instead of “doing what’s expected”? Only time will tell.


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