Wreck This Journal – An exercise in destruction and distraction

As I wandered through the bookstore after my last writing escape, I happened upon a book that caught my attention. I have to admit, I often judge books by their covers as I firmly believe a poorly executed cover is a sign that the publisher, agent or author got lazy, or lacked the imagination to accurately represent the creativity caught between the pages. I do think the cover of a book has just as much to say about the content as the words within. Unlike a book, which I will read to the end no matter what, the cover only has my attention for a split second. The cover does not need to be elaborate, have colourful illustrations or have the title in such large font it seems to scream. The cover just has to make me pick up the book in wonderment as to what is beyond the cover and perfectly un-cracked spine.

“Wreck This Journal” by Keri Smith made me not only wonder what was between the pages, but made me laugh out loud and be subject to quite a few stares from fellow book lovers as I found myself standing in the middle of the “well-being” section with a case of the school girl giggles. I had a breakthrough of sorts right in the middle of all the “self-help” books when I caught myself searching through the 6 copies for the illusive “perfect” covered book with no scratches, rips or creases. The irony is that there are no “perfect” copies as the whole point of the book is quite literally to “wreck this journal”. Keri Smith started the process by crinkling the spine and I would soon discover that is my biggest hurdle when overcoming the need to have a book in perfect condition.

I have decided to share my adventures with this book as I uncover a really unique creative process. Keri Smith dedicated the book “to perfectionists all over the world” and not to say perfectionists aren’t naturally creative, but sometimes we just need a little encouragement and be reminded that “to create is to destroy” and that’s ok.


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