Procrastinations for the Fall

Ready to write!

Today officially feels like the end of summer. Labour Day weekend is in the past, the kids are back to school and it seems everyone is finally back to work as the trains were crowded this morning as were the elevators. Today also begins what I call my “Fall procrastination”. I always promise myself I won’t keep putting off things that are important and really need to be done well ahead of a deadline and so far, I’ve done myself proud. I have accomplished a lot over the summer that I had been putting off, and have a long list of things I hope to do over the next few months. Today however, I decided to take some time in favour of my blog. I am going to start putting certain things aside and just write. Since I started writing I’ve found an outlet where I can just relax and truly forget about what I should be doing. It is a time where I can just say what I feel and not worry about being fired, being graded (although I still worry about what my readers will think), and just let my creativity loose. Consider it a promise to myself to enjoy blogging more regularly, with the hopes that my readers will enjoy it too.


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