39 before 40 – Distractions that I won’t procrastinate

I opened my beloved Macbook with the intentions of sharing my recent adventure in Arizona and California but decided to procrastinate finishing that blog for the moment. I started the draft by reflecting on the past adventures I’ve had, the places I’ve been, the amazing sights I’ve seen, and the fabulous people I’ve met, realizing I really have done a lot in my life. My mind wandered as I started thinking about my birthday which is a few days away. I am a Leo so by nature, love the attention and insist that day truly be all about me. I don’t hide behind the day just because I am a year older and I am more than willing to share the fact that I am turning 38. I don’t sit and wait to see who remembers, then fight my emotions as people forget; I am right there telling anyone who will listen, that my birthday is August 2nd. Happy as I am to stretch that one day out into several days (if not a week), I couldn’t help this year but wonder: have I really done what I thought I would accomplish by 38? Maybe I have, maybe I’ve done more than I thought possible, but I still can’t help but look forward and see what else is around the corner. I turn 40 in just a few short years and wonder if there are 39 things that I still want to accomplish? The trick will be to not procrastinate and have the talk with myself in 2 years about the things I didn’t do. After all, we always seem to regret those things we don’t do over the things we took the chance and did.

1. Start the path towards getting my Master’s Degree

2. Drive from Vancouver to California down the Pacific Coast Highway

3. Run a marathon – even if only a 10K

4. Go fishing

5. Go to a movie at the Uptown Stage and Screen in downtown Calgary

6. Attend a concert of a musician I have never heard of

7.  Scan all my university notes onto a hard drive and recycle the paper copies

8. Take AJ horseback riding

9. Finish AJ’s baby journal and scrapbook

10. Make homemade ice cream with AJ

11. Finally frame all the great posters, art and photos I have

12. Hang all those great posters, art and photos I have framed!

13. Spend a weekend in the Rockies and not go shopping!

14. Join a book club

15. Spend time volunteering on a regular basis

16. Start playing the piano and/or bassoon again

17. Play tennis

18. Play squash

19. Buy rollerblades and actually use them

20. Buy a new bike and actually ride it

21. Make homemade salsa from scratch

22. Own a pair of Christian Louboutin or Manolo Blahnik pumps

23. Take an art class

24. Take snowboarding lessons

25. Find a job I love again

26. Start regularly adding to my investment account

27. Attend a wine and cheese party at an art gallery or museum

28. Go to a movie at the Globe Theatre in downtown Calgary

29. Try a bizarre food I’ve never heard of

30. Spend more time with friends

31. Take a photography class

32. Organize the many boxes of photos sitting in the closet

33. Own a Prada wallet and/or a Fendi purse

34. Learn a second language

35. Attend an orchestra concert

36. See Shakespeare in the Park

37. Learn to dance

38. Influence someone to make a positive change in his/her life

39. Enjoy turning 40 knowing I’ve accomplished more than I dreamed I could

*I admit, not all of these may seem realistic, but hey, if we don’t shoot for the moon, we will never see the stars.


One thought on “39 before 40 – Distractions that I won’t procrastinate

  1. Or, as my English teacher said a long time ago…..and. it is amazing what sticks in one’s mind……”Attach your wagon to a star, hang on tight, and there you are”
    Luv ya, Mummy

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