“Tag-less” Distractions

I was thinking how difficult the last few weeks have been for our family. I decided instead of feeling sorry for myself I would take a cue from a few people I have met over the years and embrace one of my favourite quotes: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

We said good-bye to one of my very favourite distractions – our boxer Tag. Instead of crying and wondering how I’ll fill the empty hole in my heart, I want to share some of the moments and photos of Tag that made me laugh until I pee’d, just a little. He had an amazing 10 years with us and he will never be forgotten.

Forever in our hearts

Tag was my distraction to help accept the loss of my boxer “Riggs”. I was searching for a puppy within days of losing Riggs because I knew I never wanted to come home without a wiggly butt to greet me at the door. Just like I will never replace Tag, I didn’t want to replace Riggs; Tag was there so I could share my love. Tag provided me with almost 10 years of love back.

Tag happy under our bed.

As is the nature of boxers, Tag had his own quirky personality. Right from the time he came home one of his favourite places to lay was under our bed. Panic set in the day he managed to wriggle his way under there and I had to have C lift the mattress off the frame in order to rescue Tag. I was relieved, but Tag whined trying to figure out why he could no longer fit.  It may have been the instincts of needing a den for comfort and security, finding coolness in the dark on hot summer days, or just mocking me knowing I couldn’t reach him under there, and right to the end, Tag still, at the least laid with his head under our bed.

"If I don't look at you I won't be in trouble for being up on the chair."

Tag has been around through many changes in our lives. He’s lived in 2 different houses with us, was there when we brought home AJ for the first time and endured living with 2 different dogs. We had Sam first and as is my nature, when she passed, we welcomed Chili into our family. By the time Chili arrived, Tag was 5 and he was not the Alpha dog with Sam so I wasn’t sure how he would react to a rambunctious puppy. I have learned to never underestimate the unconditional love of a dog for anything in his world.

AJ and Tag check out the neighbourhood

"Who needs a big bed when we can squeeze in just fine!"

I wonder how Chili would react now Tag is gone. They are independent boys but Chili, like AJ, does not know life without him. I suspect dogs are much more forgiving and even blissfully naive. If I could pull thoughts out of Chili’s head, I imagine it to be the wonderment if Tag got to go somewhere fun and he didn’t.

Best Buds

Tag was our protector, our guardian, our friend and most importantly, he was our family. Tag will always hold a spot in my heart and Chili will fill that wiggle-butt-need in my life. We will miss you Tagley.


7 thoughts on ““Tag-less” Distractions

  1. So sorry for your loss of such a sweet pup. We just went through this as well. Our Sadie Lou came along in the middle of Maggie Mae’s life so she only knew living with twins and another dog. We lost Maggie back in the fall and I did not think I was ready for another pup. Too heartbreaking. But then Miss Stella happened. : ) We were not sure of Sadie Lou’s reaction as she is getting on in her own years but she was use to having a companion around. This current adventure of ours is something I would not trade for the world. This was a great tribute post and the photos were so sweet.

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful words. Knowing the heartbreak that we had to endure at the end of Tag’s life would not have made me give up the 10 years of amazing love we shared with him. “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.’ ~ Roger Caras.

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