How distracted can we get in Toronto?

It isn’t the best excuse for a quick vacation; it isn’t even really a vacation, but we are headed to Toronto this week to say our good-byes to C’s sister. I’m trying to be the “rock”, the shoulder of support and hopefully provide as much fun and distraction as possible (we all know how good I am at finding distractions!) during this difficult, unplanned trip. We will take a day to reflect on and celebrate a life, then do our best to take advantage of the time we have in a city full of family, culture and of course, the Blue Jays. I am going to take a cue from S’s recent trip to our home and be as touristy as I can. We will spend time with family and show AJ where her Daddy grew up as well as create some new memories with her. We have ventured to Toronto a number of times over the years, but it was always to be with family and it was simply a time for C to “go home”. This time, we need distractions and this time, we need to take in the city for its beauty and awe and see it from a new, fresh perspective, especially through the eyes of our 8-year-old. What distractions will we find? We have a few ideas up our sleeve, but I will save that for another day. To quote Phil Keoghan “The world is waiting… Travel safe”.


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