Distractions in Banff

I have finally caught up on sleep and am back into my routine. I say this with a bit of sadness as I had the most amazing weekend with family and while I thought my natural reaction would be to think to myself, “are they gone yet?”, it was quite the opposite. It was with heartfelt sadness that they left only 4 short days later . My Mother-in-Law and Brother-In-Law ventured out West from Toronto for an extended long weekend and as I previously posted, we drank, ate, laughed and made the hour and a half trek to the Rocky Mountains. I am ashamed to say, it took my Brother-in-Law to remind me what beauty and amazement lies in my “backyard”. I forgot how living in Alberta my whole life led me to take this amazing landscape for granted.

Banff always seems to be that diamond in the Rockies that lures in tourists so we always sigh and make that day trip to keep our guests happy. This time was somehow different as I had assumed S had been to Banff many times ( I was wrong!). We thought the trip was just a way to kill a day, but I was pleasantly surprised when S took on the role of tourist and we were the proud tour guides showing off the beauty of the Rockies. I was able to see the power of the mountains from a new perspective and have a renewed appreciation of the beauty of what I get to see every day. Hope you can enjoy the scenery as seen from S’s eyes…

TransCanada Hwy near Canmore

Taking a walk down Banff Ave

S & I at the Banff Springs Hotel

Ahhhhh... distractions don't get better than this!

S, AJ& G enjoy a beverage on the patio at Banff Springs Hotel

AJ & her dad enjoy the patio

Artsy photo at the Banff Springs Hotel

Time to head home


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