Weekend distractions are en route from Toronto.

Today marks the arrival of the in-laws. Now I know what most people might be thinking especially knowing my husband and I actually took a day (or a few in his case) off work. Are you crazy? Sounds like a reason to not only work, but conveniently put in a few unnecessary hours of overtime! On the contrary, I’m really looking forward to this visit. My mother-in-law and brother-in-law arrive today, and leave a mere 4 days later. Perfect amount of time in my estimation! We have a weekend full of activities planned complete with many drinks, food, a trip to the Rockies, perhaps some golfing for the boys, shopping for the gals and of course, Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final (regrettably watched on tv, not live). I suppose they also represent my procrastination for getting the deck staining finished. It would be rude to be outside all weekend sanding and painting right? Here’s to a fabulous weekend of family, friends, and hopefully a month’s worth of blogs!!

Our "back yard" in Banff National Park

Our "back yard" in Banff National Park


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