My favourite downtown distraction.

Sunterra Market - Gulf Canada Square


A girl needs to eat. This girl is trying to eat healthy. I vowed quite a while ago to take my lunch to work each and every day for a few reasons. The biggest one is to save some money. Eating downtown can be healthy for sure, but it can also be expensive. The choices are quite endless as well. There are options all the way from Wendy’s, to Pink Pearl (amazing chinese food) to Jugo Juice, to pubs and fine dining where only the fat expense account professionals can afford to even have a glass of wine. Well this girl gets lazy by about Wednesday and usually gives in to the over abundance of fast food choices. Keeping with my vow to eat healthier so I can avoid that 2pm crash at my desk, I have discovered the Sunterra Market. There are a number of them in the downtown core, one being right in my building (although quite a small one) and a larger one in the building next door. It is designed on the concept of an open-air market. The larger Market in Banker’s Hall has everything from bagels, crepes to pre-made salads, big pan lunches to pizza, sandwiches, right up to raw meat at a fabulous meat and fish counter. They even have Friday Night Feasts which are pre-made 3 course meals to grab on the way home from a busy work week. I’m in love. The smaller market in my building has a fabulous “make your own” salad bar. I can create a designer salad for little money, eat healthy and feel less guilty for having my $5 Starbucks latte that morning. I just wish they had Markets in the suburbs…


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