Snowy Distractions

One of the amazing things about living in Canada is the diversity we experience with our seasons. In our wonderful city of Calgary we experience everything from beautiful sunshine to miserable blizzards and everything in between. While most Calgarians are tired of the snow and cold, Mother Nature shows us her beauty and power. Today is no exception. I woke up this morning to what I could only describe as a breathtaking snowfall.

I gazed at the snow early this morning when I let the dogs out for their morning “duty” and admired the pink hue of the sky from the city lights reflecting off the snow. I couldn’t help myself from pulling out of the garage and driving around the block before I headed to work as the snow on the road was completely untouched and I felt like a little kid being the first one to make the tracks. I decided to turn off my radio (since the traffic report would be easily predicted) and enjoyed the quiet over the hum of my engine. I even put away my book on the train so I could enjoy the ride and marvel at the untouched snow. Chain link fences so coated in heavy wet snow they looked completely solid. Even the playgrounds were vast expanses of snow with not even so much as a bunny track to disturb its beauty. I even chose to walk outside with the huge heavy snowflakes falling around me (rather than ducking into the first building to walk the mazes of the +15 walkways that allow us to go from one end of the downtown core to the other without setting foot outside) once I got downtown just so I could enjoy the scenery. Maybe it was lack of sleep, or living in Alberta my whole life has allowed me to learn to be patient for spring, but this morning I was in complete awe. I only wish these pictures could do justice to what I saw this morning.

Morning snowfall

Statues on Stephen Avenue Mall outside The Bay department store

Stephen Avenue


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