Motivation needs to kick procrastination in the butt

Here I am, once again reading other’s posts diligently, yet realizing I haven’t posted in almost a month! I enjoy blogging and have even started carrying around a notebook to jot down ideas and thoughts for my blog. So enough procrastinating, I am determined to post today, even if short and (hopefully) sweet.

I am off to a sunnier destination tomorrow with the idea in mind that one of my fantasies is sitting on the lanai by the ocean with a latte and my computer writing amazing words that will leave impressions on everyone who reads them. Ok, so I won’t be in Hawaii, and there is no ocean in sight in the dry desert of Arizona, but I will have my computer, my parents’ house has an amazing back yard complete with palm trees and a beautiful pool, and Starbucks is a short drive away. Here’s hoping I will live out at least part of my fantasies and be inspired by the never ending sun and fabulous scenery of Arizona.

Our plane that will take us away from the snow!

My inspiration courtesy of my parents.



I can't read your mind, but I love reading your thoughts!

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