Sunday Distractions… Can anyone even tell what I accomplished?

Sundays around our house aren’t typically a day for rest and relaxation. Sunday is the day before a busy week begins so I’m usually trying to get laundry done, lunches made, the cleaning that I didn’t get done Saturday finished, and general craziness. Today was no different except I managed to accomplish a lot but to look at my house, you might not have a clue what I even did! It was one of those days where I finally got that giant pile of 6 month old filing done, the extra large ironing pile almost ironed and put away, the bottom of the laundry hampers are visible and our iPhones are updated. Yes, that really took me the better part of the day. I really need to make sure no more of those “I-have-been-meaning-to-do-that” items don’t distract me from doing what really needs to be done tonight as lunches still are not made, the floors are covered in dog prints and I’ve just realized, I’m still in my jammies blogging while my laptop sits atop a full laundry basket of clothes needing to be put away. I think today was a successful day, I just wish I could look around and actually see my accomplishments. Well, there is always next weekend!


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