February Distractions complete with Bright Lights and a Big City

There is somehow nothing better than a last minute decision to escape the cold winter of the Great White North by taking a quick vacation with the one you love. A few weeks ago, we had the idea to plan a quick getaway  before work got too hectic and AJ’s spring extracurricular activities really got underway. We couldn’t afford the time or money to escape to somewhere tropical so where should we go? We always enjoy the hour flight to Vancouver to soak up the west coast culture, my parents own a home in sunny Phoenix, or there is always the allure of a destination we haven’t yet visited. Well, it was none of those that won out in the end. We did decide to go somewhere familiar, yet every time we venture there, the time spent is never the same experience. This destination can absolutely break the bank, but for us, it is just an adventure in people watching and taking in the sights we missed the last time around. Our favourite place for just the two of us to reconnect is Las Vegas.

Most of our friends looked at us with puzzled faces and multiple questions about who was joining us in Sin City. “That doesn’t sound romantic! Is it really just the two of you going? Aren’t you meeting friends there?” Las Vegas seems to have the reputation of loose slots, extreme intoxication and burlesque dancers. I am not denying if this is the type of adventure you seek, Las Vegas will come through for you, but for us, it is the one place we can just relax, take in the lights by night and people watch while sitting on a patio on the strip with a cold beverage in hand by day. Every visit is completely different as we have never stayed in the same hotel twice, and with the ever-changing sky line of the strip, there is always a casino or show we missed the last time around. We do have our favourite places we must go each and every time (I have truly lost count as to how many times I’ve been to Las Vegas), but we always try something new. Hope you enjoy some photos of our favourite places, as well as some of the places we just discovered!

The view out our room at the Aria.

City Center, Las Vegas

This is the closest we've been to NY!

The Fountains at the Bellagio are always a favourite.

I had to have a cosmopolitan at the Cosmopolitan Hotel! The bar was "Bond". How chic!

The Rainforest Cafe in MGM Grand. A true favourite!

Lights of Las Vegas as seen from the "Brooklyn Bridge".

All amazing trips must come to an end eventually.


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