Government sanctioned procrastination day!

One of the wonderful things about living in Alberta is this day in February when a few years back our Provincial Government decided we needed a statutory day to recognize our families. True to the idea, it is called “Family Day”.  I am never one to argue over a being given an extra paid day off in February, but always feel a small pang of guilt for those who do have to work today because the city certainly doesn’t shut down for a day. Retail stores in the malls, dealerships and the quaint ‘Mom and Pop’ shops generally have shorter hours, but for places like Starbucks, gas stations and most grocery stores, it is business as usual. Health care workers certainly can’t take today off but they have families too. Most people I talked to that work in Industries that have today off say they will take advantage of the day to catch up on grocery shopping, house cleaning, washing the car, maybe even a wander through the mall since most have avoided those retail rat races since before the Christmas season. Should I take advantage of this day to catch up on chores I left undone last week or should I spend the day enjoying the sunshine while it is here and find a family adventure? As I sit here enjoying my Vanilla Americano I actually made myself rather than venture to Starbucks, I am left wondering if that pang of guilt for those working today is prevalent enough to actually spend the day in the great outdoors with my husband, daughter and dogs, or should we all pile into the Rogue and head to Safeway.


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