The best Canadian Distraction… the Rockies

It has been a productive week with many distractions available to us. Everyone was back to work on Tuesday and AJ went back to the day home for a few last days of fun before school started. A quick trip to the doctor for a diagnosis of eczema allowed me to leave work an hour early which then led to me having to wait for a prescription and have a quick glass or two of wine at the local pub with a girlfriend. With a promise of ice skating left over from Monday we headed home (prescription in hand, thankfully I remembered to pick it up!), grabbed a fast dinner and headed back out to the community pond with the girls. Tuesday was a success as all that needed to be done was put off in favour of fun.

Wednesday was back to dance classes for AJ. Drop of for ballet is handled by dad, pick up by me followed by a fast trip home to change out of her tutu and into yoga gear for hip hop class an hour later. In there a quick dinner has to be fit in as well. Back to the dance studio to drop off my little dancer and then it was off to the bookstore for me to do some wandering for an hour. That is my favourite place to get completely lost for a few moments and yes, I can always manage to spend a little money while I’m there. Back to the studio to pick up a very tired dancer, then its home to bed. Another successful day of distractions and procrastinating what needs to be done on the home front.

Thursday and Friday were much the same complete with many distractions after full days of school and work as Thursday was back to school after what seemed like a short break for the holidays.

Saturday was the best distraction of the week. AJ went skiing for the first time in her life. We had been looking forward to this all week and for good reason. I am a seasoned skier having been fortunate to live in the Canadian Rockies my entire life. My husband does not ski (no Rockies in Toronto) so I had been anticipating AJ learning to ski from the moment I got pregnant. It was a complete success! The weather was perfect and the scenery always breathtaking. The day was about her so I did not strap on skis or a snowboard this day. Once she gets the hang of it (which I know won’t take long), I’ll be ready to join her! For now sitting in the warm comfy day lodge sipping hot chocolate watching her conquer the bunny hill will be my distraction.

AJ ready to conquer the Rockies


One thought on “The best Canadian Distraction… the Rockies

  1. What a cutie! I was just thinking about getting my girls started on the ski slopes, unfortunately it is a bit of trek and a logistical nightmare here in the City. Enjoy your time in the lodge. Pretty soon you will be chasing her down the slopes. It really is amazing how fast they learn!

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