Some things don’t change

Some things just won’t ever change, but I think sometimes they shouldn’t. I have continued my never-ending drive of finding distractions to keep me from accomplishing those really mundane things we all need to do in our daily lives. Don’t get me wrong, everything gets done… eventually.

Yesterday I had high hopes of finally tearing down the decorations and packing them away until the next festive season as well as finally redecorating my daughter’s room with her help of course. Procrastination prevailed. I decided to spend most of my day catching up with a good friend so I could live vicariously through her as I heard of her adventures in Paris (France, not Ontario) over the holidays. We had brunch, a lot of coffee, and great laughs. As is always the case with her, our meetings span no less than 4 hours. I finally tore myself away and headed home, again with the intention of getting at least a few things accomplished with my daughter. I arrived home and set to work with her sorting through toys. She is only 7 so has quite a short attention span for doing “not fun things” like her mother. Before we knew it, the dinner hour had approached and it was decision time on the meal front. No one felt like cooking, so out we went. Last night was also the last night for the Zoolights display, so after supper, dressed in our warmest winter gear, out we went to navigate the many many lights at the zoo.

A at Zoolights

True to form, by the time we arrived back home the day was at its end. I had successfully found several distractions throughout the day to keep me from putting away decorations and helping my daughter transform her room. Today is the last day before I head back to my “real” life where I cannot procrastinate or find distractions as I do have deadlines and responsibilities at work. They pay me to meet deadlines and accomplish tasks which is somehow a great motivation. But for the next 20 hours, I am free to keep putting off what needs to be done and perhaps go ice skating.


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