Thoughts on a snow day

I am successfully finding distractions for today. The Christmas festivities around our house are coming to a close as friends and family have made their way home and we are now just left with the few reminders of their visits. There is a trail of gifts around the house (some half opened then abandoned for others as even my daughter suffers from the distractions that pester me), decorations ready to be packed away until next year, and a fridge full of leftovers desperately crying to be either frozen for another meal, or put out of their misery down the garbage disposal. Yet here I sit, on my computer, occasionally glancing out the window at our winter wonderland that is Canada. I look over to the kitchen counter at the breakfast dishes that need to be cleared, then back to the snowy winter scene thinking I need to get skates sharpened today so we can go ice skating on the pond. I somehow cannot pass up the outside play time although it is not an unusual occurrence for snow here. The dishes can wait…


I can't read your mind, but I love reading your thoughts!

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