Distractions and Procrastinations of life

Hello Blogger world! I have chosen the name for my blog as “distractions and procrastinations” because that seems to be what I’m good at these days. I don’t truly believe either is necessarily a negative term, but rather what happens when I’m living my life and spending time looking around and not allowing life to just “happen”.  I have discovered many wonderful distractions that I hope to share with you in the upcoming days, weeks and years. I end up procrastinating, not the important things in life, but rather with the things I find mundane and tiresome. In doing so, I have found sometimes it leads me to discover more challenging and creative ways to “catch up” what I have put off. While I enjoy routine and am quite a perfectionist, I also thrive with change. I love challenges and have concluded that finding distractions and procrastinations is my way of “shaking things up” to keep life exciting and interesting. I hope you enjoy reading about the distractions and procrastinations in my life.


I can't read your mind, but I love reading your thoughts!

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